How I Define Body Positivity 


I define body positivity as embracing and loving your body regardless of how it looks. Most of us do not have what society would consider the “perfect” body, and because of that we are left to feel like we should spend our time and energy creating the “perfect” body.

One day I made the decision to stop obsessing over creating the so called “perfect” body and simply embraced my body for what it is, and it was the best decision of my life. I no longer spend the majority of my time or energy on something that really doesn’t deserve my attention. I can now focus on raising my daughter and serving my family instead of trying to create something that rarely exists. 


I came to realize through being everything from a size zero to a size 10 that until I learned to love my body for what it was; I was not going to be happy with it regardless of the size. When I was in the midst of my obsession over creating the “perfect” body, like many, I had a number in mind that I wanted to see on the scale. To my surprise, when I reached that number on the scale, I still wasn’t happy with the image I saw in the mirror. This was because until I learned to love my body for what it was, right where it was, I could not be happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Since then, I have learned to love my body for what it does, not only for how it looks. This body grew and birthed my amazing daughter. This body continues to provide her nourishment. This body gets out of bed each morning and is able to care for her throughout the day. This body deserves my love and respect regardless of the number on the scale.


This is something I will always have to remind myself of, because society does not encourage this way of thinking. There are still times I look in the mirror or see a picture, and I am not happy with the body I see. That is until I remember just how wonderful this body is, and how much it has provided and continues to provide for me.


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