Why I Dislike the Word Diet


Have you ever been out to dinner and decided to order something healthy only to be questioned about what diet you are on? It seems people automatically assume that if you are eating healthy you are on a diet.

Our society is so driven by appearance that people seem to not even understand the point in eating healthy to feel good. Surely if you are out to eat and you choose to eat something healthy you MUST be on a diet trying to lose weight.

Health is about so much more than appearance. Feeling good, having energy, and fueling my body properly, matter so much more to me than the way I look. I know how to eat to lose weight. I did it for years, but it’s not what makes my body feel good.

Eating intuitively, meaning, stopping when I’m full and starting when I’m hungry has radically changed my life. It’s such common sense, but after years of dieting I convinced myself my own body did not know how to do this. I convinced myself I needed to be on a diet that told me when to stop eating and when to start eating. This just is not the case.

As a society we’ve got to start trusting our bodies again, fueling them with whole foods, and watching the amazing transformation that happens. I’m no where near my skinniest and that’s ok! My health and energy are so much more important to me than being thin. Showing my daughter it’s ok to eat when she’s hungry and knowing how to stop when she’s full is so much more important to me than being thin. Knowing that I’m fueling my body with foods that are going to help it stay healthy for years to come is so much more important to me than being thin.

My wish for our society is that we can shift our focus from the outside of our bodies to the inside of our bodies! We should strive for mental, emotional, and physical health. Often times our “diet” steals all three of these from us.


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