Becoming a Body Positive Mom


My journey to becoming a body positive mom is an ongoing one, but I have come a long way from where I once was and for that I am grateful. I am new to this mommy thing as my daughter is only 5 months old, but from the minute I found out I was expecting a baby girl I was bound and determined to have her grow up in a body positive environment.

I learned so much about my body and grew to love it more than ever throughout my pregnancy. I learned to actually trust my body, something I realized I had stopped doing years ago. Before becoming pregnant, I no longer thought my body knew how to tell me when it was hungry or when it was full. I thought I needed a diet plan to tell me those things. During my pregnancy I made up my mind to trust and listen to my body. I obviously wanted to ensure my child was receiving all the nutrients she needed, so I listened. When I felt hungry I ate and when I felt full I stoppedĀ  (most of the time). I learned that it was ok to listen to the cues my body was giving me, and through that I learned to trust my body again.


My body treated me well throughout my pregnancy, and the day my daughter was born I saw just how amazing my body truly was. I laid eyes on the most perfect baby girl and knew as her mom it was my responsibility to ensure she grew up loving and trusting her body. I didn’t want her to go through the struggles I went through to get to this place of trusting my body again. I wanted her to know from day one that she is perfectly and wonderfully made and for her to never doubt that.

In this society that is hard to achieve. Society wants to tell us our bodies aren’t enough the way they are. We need to constantly be striving to change them or “fix” them. I know this journey will have its up and downs, but I also know I am not going to give up on loving and trusting my body, and I want to raise a daughter who feels the same way.